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Datahack is an Israeli non-profit dedicated to hacking diversity in data science and machine learning in Israel. We focus on data science literacy and education and empowerment of underrepresented populations, especially women and the Arab and Druze society in Israel.

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Our Team

Gal Hever Gal Hever,
DataNights Lead

Rani Khoury Rani Khoury, DataCoach

Marah Ghoummaid Marah Ghoummaid, DataCoach

Bar Eini-Porat Bar Eini-Porat, DataTalks HFA

Nitzan Guberman Nitzan Guberman, Audit Committee

Avihay Levi Avihay Levi,
DataTalks HFA

Shay Palachy Shay Palachy Affek,
Founder & CEO

Amnon Wahle Amnon Wahle, DataNights

Nataly Kuritz Nataly Kuritz, DataNights

Wael Mattar Wael Mattar, DataCoach

Adam Rosenthal Adam Rosenthal, Finance Officer

Assad Valdersky Assaf Valdersky, Hackathons Team

Inbar Naor Inbar Naor,
Founder; Retired

Hila Paz Herszfang Hila Paz Herszfang, DataNights

Yaron Scherf Yaron Scherf, DataNights

Tome Beer, DataTalks Haifa Tom Beer,
DataTalks Haifa

Abed Asi
Abed Asi,

Dana Kaner Dana Kaner, Hackathons Team

Sharon Cooper Sharon Cooper, DataNights

Topaz Gilad Topaz Gilad, DataNights

Yaara Cohen Yaara Cohen, DataNights

Nadeem Azaizah Nadeem Azaizah, DataCoach

Aviv Rotman Aviv Rotman,
Audit Committee

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