The Association for The Advancement of Data Science In Israel

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Our Mission

Datahack is an Israeli non-profit dedicated to the advancement of data science and machine learning in Israel. We focus on strengthening academia-industry ties, data science literacy and education, intra-community cohesion and knowledge sharing and empowerment of underrepresented populations.

Our Projects

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Our Team

Nitzan Guberman Nitzan Guberman, Hackathon Runner

Nitzan Guberman Assaf Valdersky, DataTalks Lead

Avihay Levi Avihay Levi, DataTalks HFA

Rachel Hess-Green Rachel Hes-Green, HFA-Learn

Shaked Lokits Shaked Lokits, Lead Engineer

Galit Bary Galit Bary, DataHack Staff

Amit Weil Amit Weil, DataHack Staff

Moran Sharon Moran Sharon, DataHack Staff

Inbar Naor Inbar Naor, Founder & CEO

Aviv Rotman Aviv Rotman, Hackathon Runner

Dean Langsam Dean Langsam, Marketing & Social

Sharon Cooper Sharon Cooper, DataTalks Lead

Amir Day Amir Day, Challenges Lead

Dean Pleban Dean Pleban, DataHack Staff

Ofri Raviv Ofri Raviv, DataHack Staff

Guy Smoilovsky Guy Smoilovsky, DataHack Staff

Shay Palachy Shay Palachy, Founder & CEO

Adam Rosenthal Adam Rosenthal, Finance Officer

Daniel Marcous Daniel Marcous, KaggleIL Lead

Gal Hever Gal Hever, DataNights Lead

Eyal Daniel Eyal Daniel, DataHack Staff

Dikla Gelbard Solodkin Dikla Gelbard, DataTalks

Oryan Moshe Oryan Moshe, DataHack Staff

Ruth Hashkes Ruth Hashkes, DataHack Staff

Dima Yarovinsky Dima Yarovinsky, Chief Designer

Omri Kaplan Omri Kaplan, Logistics & Morale

Dana Kaner Dana Kaner, DataLearn Lead

Michael Doron Michale Doron, DataConf Lead

Tal Peretz Tal Peretz, DataTalks Staff

Gal Braun Gal Braun, DataHack Staff

Tal Azaria Tal Azaria, DataTalks

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